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The TeX Catalogue OnLine, Entry for arev, Ctan Edition

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Fonts and LaTeX support files for Arev Sans

The package arev provides type 1 and virtual fonts, together with LaTeX packages for using Arev Sans in both text and mathematics. Arev Sans is a derivative of Bitstream Vera Sans created by Tavmjong Bah, adding support for Greek and Cyrillic characters. Bah also added a few variant letters that are more appropriate for mathematics. The primary purpose for using Arev Sans in LaTeX is presentations, particularly when using a computer projector. In such a context, Arev Sans is quite readable, with large x-height, "open letters", wide spacing, and thick stems. The style is very similar to the SliTeX font lcmss, but heavier.

Arev is one of a very small number of sans-font mathematics support packages. Others are cmbright, hvmath and kerkis.

The author is Stephen Hartke.

License: lppl Catalogued: 2015-08-03

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