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Vector graphics application for LaTeX users.

Jpgfdraw is a graphics application (“Java PGF drawing”), which is tailored for output to pgf; it can output code to:

  • Construct shapes using lines, moves and cubic Bezier segments;
  • Edit shapes by changing the defining control points;
  • Incorporate text and bitmap images (for annotation and background effects);
  • Provide parameters for TeX’s \parshape command and for \shapepar (defined in the shapepar package);
  • Construct frames for use with the flowfram package;
  • Incorporate text and bitmap images (for annotation and background effects);
  • Alternative text may be specified for use when exporting to a LaTeX file (e.g. if the text contains symbols or if it should be set in maths mode);
  • Mappings may be used to specify what LaTeX font declarations should be used when exporting to a LaTeX file.
Pictures may be saved in Jpgfdraw’s native binary format (JDR) or native ascii format (AJR) or may be exported as:
  • a pgfpicture environment for use in LaTeX documents using the pgf package;
  • a single-page LaTeX document (including the picture code);
  • a LaTeX document based on the flowfram package;
  • an encapsulated postscript file;
  • a PNG image file; or
  • an SVG image file;

The author is Nicola Talbot.

License: gpl Version: 0.5.6b Catalogued: 2014-05-01

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