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The TeX Catalogue OnLine, Entry for references, Ctan Edition

The TeX Catalogue Online


Bibliographic software supporting LaTeX/BibTeX.

The package comprises bibliographic software supporting preparation of scientific manuscripts, storage of bibliographic data of articles in periodicals, books and articles in books. The package supports the TeX/LaTeX/BibTeX setup as well as commercial word processors. Bibliographic data in the MEDLINE format may be imported. References may be retrieved by keywords, authors’ or editors’ names, date of publication, strings in the title of an article, in a book title or in journal names. Lists of references may be supplied in a (user-defined) formats.

The author is Volker Kiefel. The package is Copyright © 1995-2007 Volker Kiefel.

License: gpl Version: 4.3d Catalogued: 2012-06-03

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