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The TeX Catalogue OnLine, Entry for smflatex, Ctan Edition

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Classes for Société mathématique de France publications

The Société mathématique de France provides a set of classes, packages and BibTeX styles that are used in its publications. They are based on AMS classes (whose code is sometimes recopied) and mainly ‘upward-compatible’. Their main features are: quite different design; new environments for typesetting some information in two languages (altabstract, alttitle, altkeywords); if necessary, use of babel (option frenchb) and deactivation of some features of frenchb. Includes smfart.cls, smfbook.cls, smfplain.bst, smfalpha.bst, amongst others.

The author is Antoine Chambert-Loir. The package is Copyright © 1999 Société mathématique de France.

License: nosource Version: 1.2e Catalogued: 2015-08-08

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