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The TeX Catalogue OnLine, Entry for tib, Ctan Edition

The TeX Catalogue Online


A bibliographic preprocessor

Tib is a collection of four programs for making citations and reference lists in TeX documents. The main program, Tib, operates on a TeX file with incomplete or keyed citations, looks up the reference in a database, makes the complete citation and on command, makes a list of the references. The citations in the source document are enclosed in (non-TeX) escape characters which Tib recognizes. The output of Tib is another TeX file with complete citations and reference list formatted with a number of TeX control sequences and with definitions for these control sequences, ready to be processed by Plain TeX, LaTeX, or whatever.

The authors are James Alexander, Sebastian Kremer and Hans-Peter Kolb.

License: noinfo Version dated: 1989-12-11 Catalogued: 2015-08-03

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