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png2pdf - Convert PNG images to PDF


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Convert PNG images to PDF


PDF manual "png2pdf.pdf" available


The following libraries are recommended/required to install png2pdf:

Note: If you installed these packages using your OS vendors package management software make sure the header files... are also installed.
Some systems have separated packages: one for binaries and shared libraries and an additional one (mostly called "xxx developer support") containing C header files and other material needed to compile programs using the library.


The software can be obtained via http://sourceforge.net/projects/png2pdf

Building and installing the software

Make sure to have CFLAGS and LDFLAGS set properly. For dklibs these variables must point to the include/lib subdirectory of the directory where the dklibs were installed to, not to the dklibs source/build directory.
After unpacking the source archive run

  make install
The usual options are recognized by the configure script.

Windows installation

Building the libraries and the programs using the libraries on Windows systems from source requires manual changes in makefiles. Good skills in using the development tools and a significant amount of time is needed to do that.
So it is recommended to use the setup program in dklibs-win32-*-setup.exe from http://sourceforge.net/projects/dklibs.
This program installs dklibs, dktools, bmeps, png2pdf, yanolc and genau.
There are two different setup programs:

For both executables you can choose either english or german language.

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