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The e-TEX V2 Reference Site

Welcome to the e-TeX1 V2 reference site: e-TeX V2 is now available for general testing, although it has not yet been formally released. Please read the document describing the legal status of e-TeX before proceeding further. A description of the functionality provided by e-TeX may be found in the on-line reference manual.

The following resources are provided for those wishing to implement e-TeX V2, but may be of interest to anyone considering using e-TeX; they may be accessed directly from the links from this page, or via ftp.

  1. The e-TeX reference manual (LaTeX source);
  2. The e-TeX reference manual (DVI format);
  3. The e-TeX reference manual (Adobe PDF format);
  4. The e-TeX reference manual (Adobe PostScript format);
  5. The e-TeX reference manual style file (LaTeX source);
  6. Instructions for building e-TeX (TeX source);
  7. The master e-TeX change file; (Weave/Tangle source);
  8. Webmerge, Peter Breitenlohner's TeX program for merging changefiles (TeX source);
  9. Xbmc10 the "xbmc10" font, needed for TeX--XeT logo (MetaFont source);
  10. A zip file, containing all of the above.

The e-TeX team recommend that e-TeX be configured such that the command by which it is invoked be the same as the default name for the format to be used. Since it is expected that most sites will choose to install e-TeX so that it can be invoked with the command "etex", we provide a source file which can be used to build the "etex" format (an analogous "elatex" source file may be provided in due course in collaboration with the LaTeX3 team). A few adjunct source files, required or optionally used by the "etex" source file, are also supplied:

  1. The "etex" format source (e-IniTeX source);
  2. The manual for the "etex" format source (HTML);
  3. e-TeX library file containing symbolic names for e-TeX's constants (e-TeX source);
  4. Language definition file (e-TeX source);
  5. A zip file, containing all of the above.

A reference implementation, developed by Christian Spieler for VAX/VMS and AXP/VMS, is also provided, to which Jörg Knappen has recently contributed a modified "weave" changefile and a RUNOFF file containing the source for a VMS HELP library for e-TeX:

  1. DCL procedure for creating VMS e-TeX (makeetex.com)
  2. TeX steering file, produces VMS e-TeX changefile from component changefiles (makeetex.tex)
  3. Christian Spieler's change file for VMS TeX (tex_vms.ch)
  4. Christian Spieler's ancilliary change file for VMS e-TeX (etex_vms.ech)
  5. The internal CLD file used by VMS e-TeX (etex_cli.cld)
  6. Jörg Knappen's modified "weave" changefile (weave.ch)
  7. Jörg Knappen's RUNOFF source file for VMS HELP on e-TeX (etex.rnh)
  8. A zip file containing all of the above (etex_vms.zip)

An e-TeX implementation must be validated by performing the e-TRIP test (the e-TeX equivalent of Knuth's TRIP test). The components of the e-TRIP suite are as follows:

  1. Manual for the e-TRIP test (etripman.tex)
  2. Source file for the e-TRIP test (etrip.tex)
  3. Property-list file for the e-TRIP font (etrip.pl)
  4. Log file for the e-TRIP test format-creation run (etripin.log)
  5. Log file for the e-TRIP test (etrip.log)
  6. "Photo" (terminal log) file for the e-TRIP test (etrip.fot)
  7. DVItype output for the e-TRIP test (etrip.typ)
  8. Output file produced by the e-TRIP test (etrip.out)
  9. A ZIP file, containing all of the above (etrip.zip)

Finally we provide the definitive (Knuthian) TeX and Trip files:

  1. Manual for the TRIP test (tripman.tex)
  2. Source file for the TRIP test (trip.tex)
  3. Property-list file for the TRIP font (trip.pl)
  4. Log file for the TRIP test format-creation run (tripin.log)
  5. Log file for the TRIP test (trip.log)
  6. "Photo" (terminal log) file for the TRIP test (trip.fot)
  7. DVItype output for the TRIP test (trip.typ)
  8. I/O file from the TRIP test (tripos.tex)
  9. Source of TeX-the-program (tex.web)
  10. Source of The TeXbook (texbook.tex)
  11. Macros needed for The TeXbook (manmac.tex)
  12. Fixed-point arithmetic for TeX (glue.web)
  13. A zip file, containing all of the above (knuth.zip)

Any problems encountered when using e-TeX which cannot be replicated when using a TRIP-validated implementation of TeX should be reported to the e-TeX team, and accompanied by sufficient information to enable the scenario to be reproduced at another site; the exact version and implementation of e-TeX should of course be specified.

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